Royal Gurkha Rifles Sword & Scabbard

RGR Pattern Sword & Scabbard

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Royal Gurkha Rifles Sword & Scabbard Information

Please select whether you require a Scabbard and/or Engraving. The engraving option is for 30-35 Characters over 3 lines. Font choice is Arial or Old English script.

Delivery time on this item is 6-8 weeks.

RGR officers carry the Rifles pattern sword with a plain oval surround to the cartouche on the hilt, showing the stringed bugle horn. The same style is also carried by officers of The Rifles.

When purchasing a sword ensure that a black buff (leather band at the that sits between the blade’s shoulder and the guard) is black leather. Existing white buffs should be blackened.

The blade should have the RGR badge on inner or left side of blade, the Royal Cypher on outer or right side of blade. Personal initials/names/dates are permissible on the blank panel provided under badge or cypher.

The scabbard is a sheath to hold the sword.  The RGR only wear nickel plated scabbards with all forms of dress, so do not waste money on a package that includes a leather Sam Browne scabbard. The sword belt is Rifles pattern with a black webbing belt, black plastic slings and chrome trappings.

Scabbard: Is a sheath for holding a sword. Scabbards have been made of many materials over the millennia, including leather, wood and metals such as brass or steel. The Rifle regiments use only a nickel plated steel scabbard in all forms of dress. Outside Rifles circles a nickel plated scabbard is sometimes referred to as a “Dress Scabbard” by those who wear a Sam Browne and a leather scabbard with No2 Dress & a slung sword with a nickel plated scabbard in No1 Dress.