Officers from 3GR at the King’s Coronation in 1936 with rifle pattern swords and long sword knots.

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When the 1822 pattern Infantry sword was introduced, the Rifle regiments were ordered to adopt it. In 1827 however, for The Rifles, the gilt brass hilt was replaced with a hilt of the same
design made in steel. The Royal Cypher was also replaced with a stringed bugle horn.

In the pre-1947 Indian Army, officers of Gurkha regiments wore the steel hilted Rifles sword with a plain oval surround to the cartouche on the hilt, showing the stringed bugle horn. (The exception
was the 5th Gurkha Rifles who copied the British Army Rifle Brigade sword with a wreathed oval surround to the cartouche of the sword hilt).

Today RGR officers carry the Rifle pattern sword with a plain oval surround to the cartouche on the hilt showing the stringed bugle horn the same style is also carried by officers of The Rifles.

All officers of rifle regiments wear long sword knots, whereas in other infantry units only field officers wear them long and subalterns short. The purpose of the sword knot is to loop round the
wrist to prevent loosing the sword when dropped.

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