Ram’s Head, chain and whistle from The Sirmoor Rifles.

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2GR Pouch BeltThe Ram’s Head is worn on the RGR Cross Belt in recognition of the Sirmoor Battalion’s (later 2GR) action at the Battle of Koonja Fort, near Saharanpur in India, 1824. This was the first major action of a Gurkha battalion since being established in 1815. The Sirmoor Battalion had been tasked to pursue bandits who were robbing the local community. A band of 800 strong rebels had seized a large consignment of gold and barricaded themselves into the Koonja mud fort.

On their initial assault the Gurkhas found their way blocked by a massive gate, covered by fire from the bandits. Using great ingenuity, they cut down a large tree with their kukris and used it as a battering ram to breach the fort. After breaking in the Sirmoor Battalion killed 153 bandits, many with kukris, and the remaining fled. Order was restored to the region after the bandits’ defeat.

In memory of this action the Sirmoor Battalion adopted the Roman styled Ram’s Head as a symbol on their cross belts to represent using the battering ram to overcome adversity.

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