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The RGR wears Hunting Stewart Tartan as a legacy of 10GR’s affiliation with the Royal Scots. It was in 1895 that the first association between 10GR and The Royal Scots was established. 10GR, serving at Maymyo in Upper Burma, sent a number of pipers to the 2nd Royal Scots, then based in Mandalay, for training. This association was strengthened in 1926 when the pipers of the 10GR were authorised to wear Hunting Stuart tartan plaids, pipe bags and ribbons. In 1950 King George VI approved a formal affiliation between the two Regiments.

From the time of their initial training in the 1890s 10GR pipers wore Hunting Stewart Tartan with permission from The Royal Scots. In 1924 it became necessary to obtain Royal authority to continue this custom and with support from The Royal Scots, the necessary sanction was duly granted by His Majesty King George V. In 1950 King George VI further granted all ranks of the Regiment the privilege of wearing a patch of Hunting Stewart Tartan on their uniform. This continues with the RGR today with a patch worn as background to the Regimental Badge on Hats Felt Gurkha and the cummerbund on No.11 Tropical Mess Dress.

Hunting Stewart tartan paterm

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